In today’s age of weddings, it sure seems like anything goes. People today are getting more creative and not just going for the more traditional wedding ceremony. Instead, depending on their own personal style, a couple may choose a religious style wedding that follows a traditional approach that has been passed down from generations, or they may choose something that adds a bit of flare.

What style of wedding is the right one for you? This is the question that is more important because this is your day and your own personal style should be considered. With a vast range of options to choose from, adding your own personal touch is key to a successful and enjoyable wedding.

Finding your own style involves choosing the sort of service most suited to you and getting a feeling of which ceremonies, prayers, blessings, readings, and other social or religious accommodations are important to the couple. The primary undertaking is to survey the general kind of service that is appropriate for each couple. The second is to look for approaches that mix in the traditions they do like, with imagination, sentiment and individual creativity.

These individual touches to your wedding can involve anything from parts of their cultures or religions to involving and honoring family, to including a funny tale about how they met or a strong lyric that catches their emotions. Or then again it can include most of the above options and added touches that make the day a special one for all.

There are various types of weddings to choose from. First, you have the more traditional type of wedding which consists of a typical faith-based ceremony that is gathered from traditions that the bride or groom are accustomed to.

A non-religious ceremony is another choice that many couples choose today. This type of ceremony often omits God and does not refer to any type of faith. Or you can choose to have God included but omits any traditional religious protocol. This would be considered a non-denominational which is more spiritual in nature.

Then you have weddings where the couples are of different faiths and/or cultures. These kinds of weddings have many options to consider such as religious and cultural aspects. In this situation, a couple may choose to blend both, taking parts of each religion or culture that appeals to both families.

Lastly, many couples today are choosing a theme based wedding that omits any religious references. Rather than going with standard norms, they opt for a bit more flare. Choosing this option for a wedding allows for creativity since you can have a fun theme that makes your special occasion unique. It can be centered around your love for one another and also include references to what’s going on in today’s culture.

No matter what type of wedding you choose, it is important to take time to plan everything out with consideration to family and traditions. A faith-based ceremony or something spiritual in nature is normally the most important aspects when planning a wedding. Use the above tips to help you plan a wedding that you can be proud of.

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